Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Final 3 Blog Series

I promised these on Thursday, but i had some time today, so...

7. "Brian Makes a Record"

I'm going to commit to putting some of my long festering songs down on tape, and i will discuss what i'm doing that week and show and tell some of it. This part will be a video blog.

8. "Classic Erin"

My wife has a way with words that is unusual at best. Some of the best Classic Erin lines will be posted here for your enjoyment.

9. "The Rant"

My original foray into internetting was a weekly email list called "The Rant." I would send this to 50+ friends and i would rail about this and that, plus give weekly song picks and have a feedback section where people could email me in response to what i wrote. I'm bring that back as a monthly feature. You're welcome, Erin and Eileen.

Look for the first of one of these (I have a few in the works) on Friday!

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