Monday, September 20, 2010

Contributing to the Contrast Podcast/I Need Callers

For the second episode in a row (check out the first one here), i'm a contributor to the Contrast Podcast. This is a show that has a weekly theme, and bloggers/podcasters send in submissions on that theme - so, for instance, on this week's episode, entitled Boiling and Steaming, i submitted Mike Watt's "Big Train," as i made the mental association between steam and a locomotive. Some submissions are very literal, others are more out there. I used to submit relatively frequently, but then took 2 years or so off from it, but i'm back, baby! Check it out here, and even if i'm not on an episode, it is one of the most entertaining podcasts out there.

Also, i need some callers for the next episode - this week's theme is music, and i'm specifically looking for people to call in with their favorite disposable pop song that time has forgotten. So come on fans of Snow, Ini Kamoze, and Nine Days - call in and leave a message (before Thursday) about your fandom! 206-222-2033.


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