Thursday, September 16, 2010

High Praise From a Friend

Jeff Meyer, co-host of the Vital Signs Podcast, multi-time guest on the Enthusiasts' Radio Hour, and a friend of mine for nearly 20 years, has a new video blog, or vlog, and on his second episode he name-checks the ERH and this blog's new segment, the 5 Song Shuffle.

Jeff is a super thoughtful guy - i mean that both in the sense that he is full of thoughts, and those thoughts are really unique and interesting, and he is also a very nice, giving person. In this vlog, he talks about a period where we didn't hang out/talk very much and blames himself. Well, i think that we could each blame ourselves for the dissolving of our friendship. However, we were going into our freshmen year of high school - so, basically, full of raging hormones, teen angst, and other various annoying tendencies of 9th graders everywhere. And even though we lost touch for a spell, i don't think hard feelings were ever really present - at least, not for me. And since reconnecting, his friendship has been one of the most satisfying in my life, and i'm super grateful for the opportunity to chat whenever we get the chance. So please, check out his stuff - you will be entertained and learn something.

Thanks again, Jeff.

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