Thursday, October 7, 2010

5 Song Shuffle Vol. 11 (New Glasses and Crazy Hair Edition)

My iTunes library, as of October 7, 2010, has 20,758 songs in it. Some are novelty downloads, some i have because i'm a completionist, some i rarely (if have ever) listened to. So, in this new blog segment, i will let shuffle pick out random songs (without personal editing to hide embarrasing and/or lame songs), and i will write about what i think of them, plus any details i an give about how it was procured. At current rate (and if my iTunes never repeats a song...) this will be the eleventh in at least a 4,000 part series.

Song #1 - "Last Rites" - kNIFE & fORK

No, i didn't hit the "caps lock" button on my keyboard, this is how Eric Drew Feldman's band spells their name. A really spooky, atmospheric, wonderful album is, so far, all we have from this band, but EDF told me at a recent Pixies show that he finished the second album recently. I hope we hear it soon. This one is called Miserycord, and is a perfect rainy day drinking coffee or a late night drinking whiskey type of record. Beautiful vocals from Laurie Hall on the record - i wasn't personally familiar with Laurie before k&f, but her old band has a great, bizarre name: Ovarian Trolley! Trust me, track down this record. Probably still available on (it is - and eMusic).

Song #2 - "Horrible Party" - Essential Logic

I reviewed this album for a website i was working on in college (or at least i was supposed to...) - this is a band that formed out of X-Ray Spex and features lots of cool saxophone in a punk way - similar, in saxophoniness to something like James Chance, but less Motown. I really adore most of disc 1 of this album, a compilation called Fanfare in the Garden, and this track is especially cool.

Song #3 - "Laura's Theme #5 (You Trust Me Now)" - Nathan Johnson

20 second interstitial piece from the Brick soundtrack. SOOO GOOD (both the movie and the soundtrack). Bought this at Amoeba Music in Los Angeles just minutes after seeing the film with my buddy Scott at the Arclight down the street.

Song #4 - "Walcott" - Vampire Weekend

Hipster backlash be damned, this is a really good band. And this is probably my favorite song from their first album, shockingly titled Vampire Weekend. My buddy Geoff Goodwin recently offered me a ticket to see these guys at Carnegie Hall, and i'm really glad i went. I was a bit bummed that they were playing to a backing track for some of the tracks that involved more instrumentation than they had on stage. To me, that is a great time to fuck with the arrangements and do something unique. So, that part felt like a cop-out to me, but aside from that, they played every single song i wanted to hear and did a really nice job with them. They closed the show with this one. If you haven't heard this band, where the fuck do you live? Got this via Amazon i think...

Song #5 - "Too Many People" - Paul and Linda McCartney

McCartney's most vehemently anti-Lennon song (characterized visually on the Ram back cover by a beetle screwing another beetle doggy [or beetle?] style) - "That was your big mistake/you took your lucky break and broke it in two." Not nearly as mean as Lennon's "How Do You Sleep?," and probably just a better song too. I love Ram like i love Twinkies, and i love McCartney even more. Those two, along with Lennon's Plastic Ono Band and Harrison's All Things Must Pass all came out within the same 13 month period, and they're all fucking epic. Better than anything any of them would ever do again. The Beatles are dead, long live the Beatles.

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