Saturday, October 2, 2010

5 Song Shuffle Vol. 9

My iTunes library, as of October 2, 2010, has 20,723 songs in it. Some are novelty downloads, some i have because i'm a completionist, some i rarely (if have ever) listened to. So, in this new blog segment, i will let shuffle pick out random songs (without personal editing to hide embarrasing and/or lame songs), and i will write about what i think of them, plus any details i an give about how it was procured. At current rate (and if my iTunes never repeats a song...) this will be the ninth in at least a 4,000 part series.

Song #1 - "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" - Ramblin' Jack Elliot

This is from the soundtrack to I'm Not There, a movie i liked a lot, but a soundtrack that i find pretty disappointing. I was expecting more creative reinterpretations of the songs in the film, since the film itself reinterprets Dylan's life in such dramatic ways - however, most of the tracks are just blah - Rambllin' Jack does his best with this, but nothing about his version makes me not wish it was Dylan's version playing. Nice playing and all, just nothing special.

Song #2 - "Roadrunner" - Backbeat Band

Second track from the Backbeat soundtrack to get shuffled in here. I forget who's singing lead on this - maybe Mike Mills? (sound of Brian internetting) Yes, it is Mike Mills. One of my least favorite tracks from this album, but still lots of fun. You can almost hear Thurston Moore's weirdo-greatness trying to leak out the sides of his playing on these tracks. Also, why are a lot of '50s/early '60s rock songs roundabout stories about beating women?

Song #3 - "Marie Provost" - Nick Lowe

From the AMAZING reissue of Jesus of Cool that i got on eMusic in 2008. This album is so crazily ahead of its time and well written. I really should check out more of Lowe's stuff, but i really only know this album, his work with Elvis Costello and "Cruel to be Kind," one of the great pop songs of all time. This album drips intelligence and sarcasm and melody. Can't recommend this album highly enough.

Song #4 - "The Diaper" - Louis CK

Not a song per se, but a great bit of comedy about changing a diaper. Louis is the Elvis of comedy - let's hope he doesn't die on a toilet. From Chewed Up.

Song #5 - "Hats Off to Marriage, Baby" - the Wrens

From their album Seacaucus which, to be fair, i've never given much thought to. The Meadowlands is so different (and so amazing) that i've never looked back on their stuff with any real attention. I should - this song is fun. If you don't own The Meadowlands you probably have bad taste in everything. Why are we even friends? How many years must i rave about that album before you listen? Nice middle section of this song - maybe this song will be on my "Stuff to Listen to This Week" list this week. Yeah, i'm digging it.

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