Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 Song Shuffle Vol. 13

My iTunes library, as of November 2, 2010, has 20,937 songs in it. Some are novelty downloads, some i have because i'm a completionist, some i rarely (if have ever) listened to. So, in this new blog segment, i will let shuffle pick out random songs (without personal editing to hide embarrasing and/or lame songs), and i will write about what i think of them, plus any details i an give about how it was procured. At current rate (and if my iTunes never repeats a song...) this will be the thirteenth in at least a 4,000 part series.

Song #1 - "Call Back" - Morphine

This is from the posthumous collection At Your Service that i was given as a really nice surprise birthday gift from my cousin Beth this past June. Morphine is a band that i think you either totally get or think is obnoxious. I once played them for my Uncle Robert, who is a really open minded, musical dude, and he couldn't stand it. Me? I love 'em. Such a singular sound. Maybe it's a low-end register thing (as a guy who plays the bass, played the tuba and has a Bass 2 voice, i fall squarely in that category). I'm pretty sure i've written about them before here. This is one of the rare songs of theirs where you can really hear the slide bass - usually the bass doesn't sound particularly slide-y. Oh, Mark Sandman - why'd you have to have a bad heart?

Song #2 - "Christian For One Day" - Brian Ritchie

Ritchie is the former bass player for the Violent Femmes. The late, great blog The Blasting Concept (RIP) that posts lots of old SST/New Alliance records posted this a few years ago. I have never listened to it. This is not at all what i expected. The EP is called Sun Ra - Man From Outer Space, so i expected something free-jazzy. This is folky and quasi-preachy. I kind of dig it. It's about Christmas. This may go on this year's Christmas mix.

Song #3 - "Style" - The Lemonheads

"I don't wanna get stoned/But i don't wanna not get stoned" Oh, Evan Dando, you're the Wordsworth of the '90s. I tracked this album (Come on Feel the Lemonheads) down online a year or so ago - it's out of print (or at least was when i was looking for it), and i used to own it on cassette. The first two songs on the album are great, and it somewhat drags from there. I kind of dig this song. I prefer the later version on the album "Rick James Style" which is a slower, sadder version and, believe it or not, features Rick James on backing vocals.

Song #4 - "Three Mile Smile" - Aerosmith

I don't know if i've discussed it here, but i've been way into mid-late '70s Aerosmith lately. Post-"Dream On" - pre-80s reformation. This comes from Night in the Ruts (stay classy, Aerosmith), which is the album that Joe Perry quit half-way through. This song is a nice enough blues-rock number, but isn't one of the best tracks on the album. That being said, the guitar solo, by Perry-replacement Jimmy Crespo is pretty boss. I have a fantasy of starting a this-period Aerosmith cover band and being the Tom Hamilton of that band. Anyone want to be the Joey Kramer?

Song #5 - "High and Dry" - Radiohead

If you don't know this song, what the hell is wrong with you.

'Til next time,

PS - Congrats to my dad's favorite baseball team, the San Francisco Giants, on winning the World Series.

PPS - I'm back to doing this regularly, i hope.

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