Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 Song Shuffle Vol. 14 - The "I Can't Sleep" Edition

My iTunes library, as of November 4, 2010, has 20,945 songs in it. Some are novelty downloads, some i have because i'm a completionist, some i rarely (if have ever) listened to. So, in this new blog segment, i will let shuffle pick out random songs (without personal editing to hide embarrasing and/or lame songs), and i will write about what i think of them, plus any details i an give about how it was procured. At current rate (and if my iTunes never repeats a song...) this will be the fourteenth in at least a 4,000 part series.

Song #1 - "Here She Comes Now" - The Velvet Underground

I'll probably be kicked out of the music snob club for this, but i'm not a huge fan of this song. Maybe my least favorite song on White Light White Heat? No, that's too harsh. A very same-y song of theirs. Meh. I got this as part of the Peel Slowly And See box i bought at Amoeba in Los Angeles.

Song #2 - "I'm An Animal" - Neko Case

This album, Middle Cyclone, has grown on me quite a bit. This track is very representative of what i didn't like about it at first - its slicker than her past stuff, but the songs are so strong (as are her vocals) that it makes up for the production - which, to be fair, isn't bad, i just like Neko rawer. Feel free to apply sexual innuendo to that last part.

Song #3 - "Take Care of My Children" - Tom Waits

From the "Bawlers" disc of his Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards three disc set. This is my least favorite disc of the set, but i love this song. Disc 2 (this one) is all ballads, so it doesn't work super great as a complete listen, but most of the tracks work well as part of a mix or a shuffle, so this is a delight. Nice horn on this - could it be my internet friend Ralph Carney? I'm too lazy to dig out the liner notes - let's say yes. This is one of the many Tom Waits songs that incorporates old spiritual elements.

Song #4 - "A World Away From This One" - Sean Watkins

From the Mark Mulcahy tribute disc, Ciao My Shining Star. Mark is a totally underrated songwriter, and this disc has some heavy hitters in the early tracks tackling his songs really nicely (Thom Yorke, Frank Black, Dinosaur Jr.), but as it goes on, the names get more and more unknown, and the performances start to sound a little same-y (second use of that tonight!). But this track makes really nice use of vocal harmonies and acoustic guitars, two things that if used improperly can shit-ify a song instantly. But this is really nice.

Song #5 - "Last Train to Clarksville" - The Monkees

I've said it before on this very blog - if you don't own The Best of the Monkees, you're a fool. This is a brilliant pop song. That is all.

'Til next time,

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